Best Baby Shampoo for Dry Scalp (2020 Guide & Review)

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Best baby shampoo for dry scalp? The baby bath is a beautiful and rewarding time for mothers and fathers. Caresses, games, and smiles create an extraordinary emotional bond with the child. While for him, it is an experience in which textures, smells, and sounds stimulate all his senses. And, of course, his skin and hair are pampered and cared for. 

A baby’s skin is not yet as mature as an adult’s. It is thinner, its pH is neutral, and it does not, however, have enough hair - factors that make it more sensitive and vulnerable. This is why it requires softer, more delicate, and specific products for its characteristics, such as the best baby shampoo for dry scalp. Here we will help you choose the best one. 

The most important considerations

  • Baby’s bath time is more than just their hygiene. It is a multi-sensory experience for the baby. And for parents, it’s a time to pamper and protect them by taking care of something as delicate as their skin. So even though it is part of the routine, it should be relaxing and safe. 
  • Baby’s skin has physiological differences with adult skin and is in full development. For this reason, it needs unique products for it thago with and protect it. The baby shampoo we choose must guarantee effective hygiene, reinforcing its natural defenses, and helping it to develop correctly. 
  • Opting for a baby shampoo with natural ingredients will help us to protect our baby’s skin. If we use a chemical-free product, we will avoid exposing him to substances that could cause irritation, dryness, eczema, or allergic reactions. 

Best baby shampoo for dry scalp on the market: our favorites

You know you want the best for your child, but which baby shampoo is the right one? Given the full range of products currently on the market, it is difficult to choose, even more so as you don’t know if the product will work until you try it. So, to make your task easier 

 Here is a little help: 

As the name suggests, the main ingredient of this shampoo is a marigold extract. Have you heard of it? Marigold is a plant that has many beneficial properties for our bodies. Among them are those of reducing inflammation, stimulating the regeneration and recovery of the skin, and strengthening its defenses. 

With this shampoo, the baby’s hair is soft, silky, and easy to comb, and their skin is moisturized. It is a highly tolerant product, even for sensitive skin. It is also free of preservatives, coloring agents, synthetic perfumes, and substances of petrochemical origin. 

The ideal baby shampoo for foamy and fun baths

This is an ideal shampoo for babies who have very fine and delicate hair that you want to protect. It is easy to rinse and has chamomile extract so that its formula will take good care of the scalp of the little ones. 

The main natural ingredients of this shampoo are Aloe Vera and chamomile. These active ingredients produce an emollient action that offers relief to irritated skin. And at the same time, they moisturize and soften the hair wonderfully, leaving it very easy to comb. 

This baby shampoo is specially formulated to reduce the risk of allergies and maintain the physiological pH of the skin. It does not contain sulfates, parabensphenoxyethanol, alcohol, coloring agents, or soap. 

The proportion of natural ingredients present in this baby shampoo is 98.9%. It is made from citrus and coconut vegetable oils and is free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, and perfume. It is also essential that it is a hypoallergenic shampoo. 

Those who try it are delighted with its aroma and with the results of this natural product. The baby’s skin is moisturized, and his hair is soft and shiny. 

Sebamed baby shampoo contains chamomile herbal extract. The property of this natural ingredient is that it is emollient, i.e., it soothes irritations and calms the skin. But it is also characterized by providing shine and softness to the hair. 

This product has a high tolerance to all skin types and does not contain nitro-mix compounds, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, or dioxane. It also does not contain coloring additives and is 100% free of soap and alkaline agents. 

Shopping guide: What you need to know about best baby shampoo for dry scalp

Best Baby Shampoo For Dry Scalp

It is very annoying to buy a cosmetic product and after giving it a chance for a couple of uses to become unhappy with it. Nobody likes to throw money away. So, before you start spending, we recommend that you take a look at this guide. Here we answer some questions about the best baby shampoo for dry scalp. 

How should you use the best shampoo for dry scalp?

Baby shampoo should be used sparingly - just enough to soap the hair and body with a gentle massage. Most of these shampoos lather enough so there is no need to use much for one bath. A baby sponge can also be used to apply it to the body. And when you’re done - rinse thoroughly. 

Remember that in the baby’s bath it is essential to control the temperature of the water. It does not have to be too hot or too cold (between 30ºC and 35ºC). Keep an eye on the temperature of the room. Always try to keep the bath time to no more than 5 minutes. Once you have finished, remove the baby and wrap it in a towel so that it does not get cold. 

How often do you bathe the baby?

Here opinions differ among both pediatricians and parents. Most point out that the frequency of this habit depends on cultural differences. However, even if the baby does not sweat, attention should be paid to the hygiene of the folds, diaper area, and belly button. 

“We should not use adult cosmetics on children’s skin because they can have an estrogenic effect on them. 

Lucia Galan Bertrand 

When to start using baby dry scalp shampoo?

Until the baby starts crawling, it hardly ever gets dirty, and a bath with water alone may be enough. However, as soon as your child starts to explore his or her environment, things change. Those adventurous, all-touching bodies need something else to keep them clean. This is the perfect time to add shampoo to the bath routine. 

A second sign will be that the baby will become more restless and will find it harder to stay calm in the bath. Foam, shampoo bubbles, and a water toy for fun will help. They will be entertained, and you will be able to bathe him without any problems. 

Why is a pH 5.5 baby shampoo better? 

When we talk about the pH of the skin, we mean the measure of acidity or alkalinity of the skin. Baby shampoos with pH 5.5 imitate the acid mantle of the baby’s skin. The acid mantle is a kind of barrier or protective shield of the epidermis. It protects it from aggressive agents such as bacteria and microorganisms. 

If we use products with a different pH than the acid mantle, the natural state of this shield is altered. When its acidity is modified, it loses its effectiveness, leaving the skin exposed to attacks from external agents. On the contrary, products that maintain the same pH help to strengthen its defense. 

Baby shampoos with pH 5.5 mimic the acid mantle of a baby’s skin

Purchase criteria

Let’s get even more to the point. Type “baby shampoo” into the Amazon search engine, and a few will have popped up. Great, but what do you have to consider to choose one? Here are the criteria to evaluate: 

  • Composition 
  • Baby’s skin type
  • Pediatric product
  • Packaging 
  • Value for money


A baby’s skin is characterized by its epidermis not being fully developed and is more porous than that of an adult. For this reason, we should try to avoid products with high chemical composition and opt for those with natural ingredients. 

It is preferable and recommended to choose a baby shampoo that does not contain preservatives, colorants, or perfume. And it is advisable to make sure that it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. 

Baby’s skin type

When you buy your baby a shampoo, you should take into account the particular characteristics of your skin. Just like adults, babies have different skin types, and each has unique needs. 

Another factor to consider is the presence of cradle cap on the baby’s scalp. In this case, you will need the best cradle cap shampoo to help eliminate it and prevent its appearance. 

Pediatric product

If you don’t know your way around the subject, you may inadvertently fall into error. As explained above, a baby’s skin is not like an adult’s. It is thinner and more sensitive as it absorbs the components of the products applied to it. If these are not suitable, it can be negatively affected. 

Non-pediatric products are intended for skin that has already reached a state of maturity – a skin that has other needs and therefore requires other inputs. No matter how many qualities an adult shampoo has, its composition may not be suitable for the baby’s skin. Don’t take any chances. 


Mothers know this well, and I’m sure more than one of you will laugh at the memory - more than once we’ve seen ourselves juggling unfriendly containers. Who hasn’t wished they were born with three hands instead of two? Jokes aside, the type of packaging is also a purchasing criterion to be taken into account. 

When you bathe your baby, you should hold his head and back with one arm to avoid accidents. If there is no other person at the time, applying the shampoo becomes difficult. Handling a bottle with a screw cap, or even one that is squeezed with one hand is complicated. Conclusion: those with a dispenser format are the most practical. 

Value for money

Cheap can be expensive, they say. And in this case, we must listen. If that cost is related to the health of our children - we should not take risks. When you buy a product that will be in contact with your baby’s skin, you must take into account the quality of its ingredients and evaluate the price of the product accordingly. 

The most important thing is to pay attention to the composition of the product. A cheaper baby dry scalp shampoo may contain inferior quality ingredients or excess chemicals. And these can cause (in the short or long term) damage to our baby’s skin. 


A bath for a baby is not just part of their routine. It is an opportunity to see them enjoy experimenting with water, making sounds, and grimacing, while we take advantage of the opportunity to pamper their skin. It is very delicate and needs special attention, especially when it comes to hygiene and care. 

Incorrect skin care puts your baby’s protective barrier at risk. It makes it increasingly sensitive and vulnerable to attack by bacteria, infections, and fungi, among others. This is why it is so important to choose the best baby shampoo for dry scalp - one that gently cleanses your skin and hair, protecting them and strengthening their natural defenses. 

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