Best Chairs for Breastfeeding: Buyer’s Guide (2020)


The action of breastfeeding is an essential moment for a mother to bond with her baby. For it to take place in the best possible conditions, it is necessary to create the best possible atmosphere and adopt the ideal posture.Comfortable and specially designed to limit back pain, the nursing chair is the ultimate companion for a mother who is breastfeeding. The difficulty lies in the choice of the chair. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a comparative guide of several models that have proven their worth to parents looking for “The” best nursing chair in 2020. Get ready to discover the comfiest chair for you and your baby.

what is the best nursing chair in 2020?

1.Haotian Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair

This rocking chair is made of wood and fabric. It includes the chair itself, a footrest, a pillow and a pocket on the side to store items for easy access while you breastfeed.

This chair has a thick seat to guarantee full comfort whilst holding your baby. This chair is so comfortable that you can use it for a number of purposes; to breastfeed, rock your baby or read them a story.

It is not only an excellent aid to the quality of both the mother and her baby’s lives, It is also a beautiful piece of furniture that can be installed anywhere in the house.

It is delivered in parts, and could therefore be quite daunting for those who dislike DIY. Nevertheless, it comes with instructions that are designed to help with its installation.

Its features include the ability to support up to 150 kg of weight whilst also providing thoughtful seating depth for tall people.

The ease of assembly is very much appreciated by users. They also find that the maintenance of the cover is stress-free because of the quality of the fabric which is relatively stain free.

In addition, they find the chair super comfortable with its slight rocking motion and dense foam cushioning.

The assembly however does require two people, but remains a straight forward process. In addition, the cover does not come off easily. You must first remove the screws to be able to wash it.


  • The quality/price ratio
  • Comfort
  • Easy assembly
  • Durability


  • The too-thin seat
  • Noisy footrests

2. Naomi Home Brisbane Glider and Ottoman Set White/Cream

The Serenity-White Nursing Chair is a two-piece set consisting of an armchair and a stool (footstool) that acts as a footrest.

It is a real sturdy armchair, made of wood with padded cushions that ensure complete comfort all day long.

The integrated rocking system is relaxing and makes looking after your baby so much easier. This makes it comfortable and practical. It can also be used when pregnant as a place for you to unwind. It is a versatile and elegant piece of furniture.

Thanks to its side pockets, you can save time by storing books, magazines, and accessories for you and your baby. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that will serve you well for a long time.

It is a beautiful piece of furniture that will serve you well for a long time to come. This chair is so easy to assemble that you could even make a game out of it. The armchair is ideal for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, it is a well manufactured and upholstered piece of furniture.


  • Comfort
  • Robustness
  • Usefulness for all
  • The quality


  • The quality of the fabric
  • Some parts damaged on delivery

2. Giantex Upholstered Massage Rocking Chair

A real rocking chair, this chair is an effective tool for both feeding your baby and also putting them to sleep. It ensures a comfortable installation for the parent holding the baby and is adapted to all sizes.

It is a wooden piece of furniture with a cotton cover stuffed with a sponge. It has a pillow to protect the cervical vertebrae. The closure behind the cover makes it easy to remove for efficient cleaning.

For those who are looking for a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be installed in any room or in the garden, look no further as this rocking chair weighs less than 10 kg and supports up to 120 kg.

Its ease of assembly has been commented on by its users. They particularly appreciate the rocking element and the comfort provided by the chair. It is also perfect in terms of quality and price.


  • The price.
  • Comfort
  • Ease of assembly
  • The design


2. chihee hammock for breastfeeding: cocoon

This is a reproduction of the Brazilian hammock in reduced form. You will feel like you are in a cocoon with your baby in the Chihee hammock.

You will be pleased by the comfort offered and the simplicity of its installation, although it may seem overwhelming at first.

A cotton hammock supported by a large bar and strong ropes to support up to 150 kg, the Chihee hammock is available in 10 colours. The fabric is hand-woven and is very strong with a sleeping area of 160 x 130 cm.

It is recommended for people who are looking for a solution for their back when compared to the rigidity of normal nursing chairs. The position of the back is supported by the fabric allowing for the mother to relax while breastfeeding.

Users have appreciated the quality of the fabric, the upholstery and the design which provides great comfort. Back pain be gone!


  • Relaxing effect
  • Good for the back
  • Comfort
  • Strength


buying guide: how to choose the best nursing chair in 2020?

  • the functionalities of the chair

To find the best nursing chair in 2020, you should consider whether it is easy to assemble and whether it plays the ultimate soothing role when rocking your baby.

For this purpose, you need a practical guide, a fairly explicit instruction on the construction or installation of the chair. It must not be a puzzle that makes you doubt the quality of the item itself.

  • seat comfort

The chair must be comfortable for the mother and her baby as it will become an essential instrument in their daily lives.

Comfort implies sitting, the position of the feet, the absence of pressure on the back. The user must be able to relax and succeed in rocking the child.

Therefore, look for: a good backrest, a perfect seat, a soft seat, a soft rocker, a possible adjustment of the backrest and a headrest for the neck. (?) 

Beyond that, the installation for the user should be done without any problem and the chair should be equipped with accessories that do not require too much moving afterward. For example, pockets or a small side table are a real asset.

  • quality and sustainability

The quality of the material should reassure us of the robustness of the chair. It must be able to support the weight of an adult carrying a baby.

In addition, all accessories and tools for the installation of the chair should be included in the purchase of the item. Otherwise, make sure that the tools that your require are easily obtained.

Resistance also implies the life span of the chair. As it is not limited to breastfeeding, the chair must be able to stand up to the test of time and remain functional.


Make sure the item has completed its quality control checks to the highest possible standard. It must, therefore, be ensured that the item does not represent a danger both in its composition (fabrics, foam, materials used) and in its shape. Ensure that the purchase does not cause a long term health concern or a source of accidents. However, this is not the case for each of the selected articles.

To conclude, our entire selection easily meets all the instructions given in the purchasing guide. Nevertheless, a choice has to be made. Ours is the Haotian FST18-DG.

It has the merit of gathering the majority of the required qualities. For quality, we’ll say bingo! For the most sceptical, it’s interesting price should convince you.

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