Best Pillow to Help Baby with Flat Head in 2020 [Complete Guide]

Best Pillow to Help Baby with Flat Head

During the first months, babies’ heads are incredibly delicate and can become deformed if we do not pay close attention to their care. Many suffer from the condition known as plagiocephaly. Luckily, we have the best pillow to help baby with flat head in 2020, designed to relieve symptoms. This condition causes a deformation in the skull of the baby, due, in most cases, to the long periods that the child passes lying down. Despite being a relatively common problem, there are still many things we don’t know about it. If your child is in this situation, continue reading this guide. 

The most important

  • Many babies suffer from plagiocephaly during their first months of life. It is a flattening of one side of the skull caused by the time they spend lying down. Although it may not be too dangerous, we must treat it systematically. 
  • At present, the advances that childcare articles have experienced offer us the possibility of having a cushion for plagiocephaly with which to avoid or treat this condition at home and with outstanding results. 
  • When choosing the best pillow to help baby with flat head in 2020, we must take into account aspects such as shape, compatibility, or the materials it is made of. In this way, we are sure to make the most appropriate purchase. 

Shopping guide: What you should know about the best pillow to help baby with flat head in 2020

Plagiocephaly is a very mild condition that also worries parents a lot. And that’s understandable because it is not easy to see how our baby’s skull deforms. Therefore, when buying a cushion for plagiocephaly, thousands of doubts may assail us. Today we are here to answer all the questions about this useful childcare item. 

What is a cushion for plagiocephaly, and what advantages does its use have? 

As mentioned above, plagiocephaly is a condition characterized by the flattening of one side of a baby’s skull. The baby’s head is susceptible to this and when it spends so much time lying down it gives way and becomes deformed. Fortunately, we have special pillows that provide many benefits: 

  • It takes the pressure off the baby’s skull, which makes it sleep more comfortably. 
  • It helps keep your child’s head, neck and spine in the correct position. 
  • It prevents the appearance of deformities in the skull. 
  • With prolonged use, it corrects these deformities. 
  • It adapts to any place where the baby lies (stroller, cradle and changing table, among others). 

And all this without any effort. It is as simple as changing the typical pillow (if used) for one designed specifically for babies, and the results are visible day by day. Besides, these types of cushions are manufactured with materials that respect the skin of the little ones, something that reduces the possibility of allergic reactions. 

In addition to using the cushion for plagiocephaly, what other practices can help prevent this condition?

Although the benefits and good results of the use of the plagiocephaly cushion are more than demonstrated, the mind of the parents never stops worrying, and we want to be one step ahead. That is why we are considering other methods that we can put into practice to fight this condition. Take note of the following: 

  • Trying to get your child to sleep with its head tilted, on its back, or making sure it spends as much time on one side as the other. 
  • When you hold the baby, alternate the arm with the one you own. This way, you will distribute the pressure of the skull. 
  • Reduce as much time as possible the baby spends lying down when it is awake. 

These are three straightforward pieces of advice that you can quickly put into practice in your daily lives, but which nevertheless have an enormous influence on the health of your child’s skull. Of course, every baby is a world of its own, and we should always consult a specialist if we see the situation gets worse. 

The cushion reduces the pressure of the skull and forces the baby to maintain a correct posture.

Only affected babies can use a plagiocephaly cushion?

Not at all. Most specialists agree that all babies should use a plagiocephaly cushion instead of a general pillow. This statement is supported by the fact that specialized pads are designed for the anatomy of the youngest. 
In this way, as well as helping your child sleep more comfortably on an adapted pillow, you will be helping to reduce the chances of deformation of your child’s skull. So, you know what they say - prevention is better than cure. 

“It is essential that when you are awake you turn on your stomach to strengthen the back muscles, avoid head pressure and improve psychomotor development.” 

Santiago García-Tornel 


What do the results of the plagiocephaly cushion depend on?

Any paediatrician or specialist in the field will tell us that results may vary from baby to baby. There is no exact science with children. Therefore, although it should be the expert who evaluates the progression of the results, we can establish some general parameters (that will vary) of the effects of plagiocephaly cushion: 

  • The specific medical case: whether it is a mild, moderate or severe plagiocephaly. 
  • The amount of use of the cushion. The more, the better. 
  • The age of the child. The smaller it is, the faster the results will be noticed, as the skull is softer. 
  • The quality of the plagiocephaly cushion we use. 

Except for the medical care and the baby’s age, the frequency of use and the quality of the pillow depends on us. Taking these four aspects into account, we must be patient and professionally follow up on the baby’s improvement. This is the only way to evaluate the results correctly. 

Can the plagiocephaly cushion be used while breastfeeding?  

This is a general question asked by mothers who have decided to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding is an exceptional time, and we always want our children to be as comfortable as possible. That is why, when he suffers from plagiocephaly, we are concerned about not using the cushion properly. Let’s think about the following positions for a moment: 

Can the plagiocephaly cushion be used while breastfeeding

Surely you are very familiar with this, right? Well, these, in addition to being the postures preferred by babies, are also recommended by the experts to avoid plagiocephaly. In all of them, you can interpose the cushion for plagiocephaly between your body and your baby’s, so that its skull always rests on the pillow. 

Is the pillow to help baby with flat head effective in all degrees of the condition?

To answer this question, we must take into account that there are many discrepancies among specialists in this regard. While some of them claim that any degree ofplagiocephaly could be solved by the use of a cushion or pillow specially designed for that purpose, others disagree.

The reason given by those in the second group is that when plagiocephaly is very severe, the baby will be very uncomfortable in the position that would make him/her avoid the symptoms. Therefore, he would never remain in that position and the condition would eventually get worse. In such cases, the use of an orthopaedic corrective helmet may be considered appropriate.

Does the plagiocephaly cushion solve a merely aesthetic problem?  

It is another of the significant controversies related to the subject. Many people claim that it is only an aesthetic problem; the truth is that there are many studies (such as those conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI) that claim the opposite. Here are some of their findings: 

  • Psychomotor development is worse in children who have suffered plagiocephaly, especially if it has been severe. 
  • The appearance of malocclusion in the bite has also been demonstrated. 
  • An alteration in the child’s balance may appear between the ages of three and five. 
  • Problems in the child’s future development may not seem too dangerous to the naked eye. But, nobody would want their child to suffer any kind of sequelaebecause they did not want to use a plagiocephaly cushion or an orthopaediccorrective helmet. If we have the solution so handy, why not use it? 

When do you start using the pillow to help baby with flat head? 

In many cases, due to cesarean delivery or merely a particular position of the fetus during pregnancy, specialists diagnose plagiocephaly in newborns. It is a condition that is detected early, and this is when the bones of the skull are at their softest.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that babies as young as two or three months old already use the pillow to help them with flat heads. It is not recommended to exceed five or six months, let alone wait until twelve months, as the bones become stronger over time and it will be more challenging to get the deformities corrected.

Purchase criteria

The correct choice of the plagiocephaly cushion that your child will use is fundamental to ensure good results. Therefore, it is of vital importance that before making any decision we take into account specific purchase criteria that will help guide us and decide on the best one. Take note: 

  • Design 
  • Material 
  • Cover 
  • Compatibility 
  • Quality 


If we are going to talk about the criteria when buying a plagiocephaly cushion, we can start with the design of the pillow. Design is so important because it is the basis of the cushion’s functionality and effectiveness. If it were not for it, we would be talking about just any pillow.

What makes this type of cushion unique in terms of design is its highly ergonomic shape and the hole in the middle. This reduces pressure on the skull and forces the baby to keep its head, neck, and spine in the correct position.


It is also essential that we pay attention to the content the plagiocephaly cushions are made of. This is a product that will be in direct contact with your baby’s skin, and you should avoid any allergic reactions that may occur. Also, it will influence comfort.

Although logically, all childcare items are made of non-toxic, safe, hypoallergenic, soft, resistant and comfortable materials, it is not superfluous to take a small look at the cushion’s packaging and check it out. Also, the better the materials, the longer the pillow will last.


As most plagiocephaly cushions are made of viscoelastic foam, which cannot be put in the washing machine, and they usually include a cover that can be washed whenever we need it. Stains will be more than usual in the cushion, so it is always better to have a cover.

There are models with universal sizes and covers that can be purchased separately to always have a spare part on hand. It is recommended to have at least two different sheets at home to protect the cushion when one of them is being washed. Besides, the fabric of the cover will always be more suitable for the baby’s skin than the foam.


Earlier, we talked about the importance of using the plagiocephaly cushion very often. However, how can we do this if we cannot place it on any surface where the baby lies? This is what we mean by compatibility - the fact that the cushion is adaptable and can be placed anywhere.

Some families prefer to have several different cushions so that they always have one where they need it. Fortunately, these are not excessively expensive and can be a viable option if our central cushion is not too compatible with, for example, the stroller.


Last but not least, we have to talk about quality. It seems essential to take this criterion into account when we are referring to an item on which our child’s health will depend. Of course, nobody can guarantee the quality of a product before buying it, but we can take some precautions.

For example, we can rely on well-known brands that we already have some childcare articles about, or we can depend on the opinion of other users who have already used them and who will verify their effectiveness. Also, we must always have a guarantee to back us up. For our babies - always the best.

The best pillow to help baby with flat head in 2020 on the market: our recommendations

If it is hard for us to choose any childcare item, the task becomes even more complicated when it comes to buying a product that will prevent or cure a condition that our child suffers from. In MamaInTheMaking, we know the importance of caring for children. Therefore, we have selected the five best pillow to help baby with flat head in 2020 in the market. 

Bammax has created an orthopaedic pillow with which to prevent the occurrence of plagiocephaly in the baby. It is made of foam with thermostatic memory which guarantees maximum breathability and softness so that the baby feels comfortable while using it. It has a slot in the aerodynamic design of the centre and neck position to maintain good posture.

Its dimensions (22 x 22 x 3 centimetres) are adapted to the baby’s physiology, and it is compatible with any cot or stroller. Besides, as the viscoelastic foam is not machine-washable, it has a removable cover, made of 100% cotton, to keep the pillow in the best condition.

MIMOS Baby Pillow New

The Mimos cushion is a medical device specially designed for the prevention and correction of postural head deformities in infants. Thanks to its anatomical design and the materials used in its manufacture, this cushion distributes the weight of the baby’s head over a full surface area and prevents deformities from occurring.

Besides, its three-dimensional structure gives it excellent absorption and transpiration properties. Its design is specially conceived for use while the baby is lying down, either during rest or play, and is ideally suited to devices such as the crib or blanket/playground, and is also suitable for use in the pram.

In the third position is the ergonomic cushion Babymoov developed by a French paediatrician.

It draws attention to its heart-shaped design that, with the exact inclination, ensures a uniform distribution of pressure to maintain the rounded shape of the baby’s head. 
It adapts to all cribs, hammocks or child restraint systems. It is made of breathable foam which is soft and comfortable, and is lined with 100% cotton, making it delightful to the touch.

Like the previous models, its use is recommended from birth to four months of age. 
Also, one of the characteristics of this product, which makes it a parents favourite, is that the brand offers different colour options: white, marbled grey, pink with grey moles,and light blue.

The experts only put a paste to this model, and it is how and why only the surface can be cleaned – nothing is removable and therefore not washable in any other way (nor can be put into the washing machine).

Clevamama is a brand “designed by moms for moms”, as its slogan says. That is why its items are always positioned as the best. They are safe, functional and of high quality. 
So much so, the effectiveness of their Clevafoam pillow, made from 100% breathable cotton, has been recognized and proven by the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin. 
This pillow has the airflow system that dissipates humidity and favours optimum air circulation, facilitating the child’s rest. 

It also reduces pressure on the skull by 50% and improves support by 80% wherever the baby is: the crib, the bed, the pushchair, the hammock... 
Its design is less eye-catching than others, but the function and results of its use are excellent. 

The Babymoon Pod could be the infant pillow many parents urge for plagiocephaly flat head syndrome. You can use it in most of the places you’d require - need it to be strollers, bouncers, cribs and baby car seats, etc. 

It’s also great for when your baby is playing on their back. It provides neck aid when used with a car seat so that you can obtain several applications that are different from the pillow. 


Frequent use of a plagiocephaly cushion has been shown to have enormous benefits on babies. On the one hand, it helps to prevent the appearance of deformations in the skull and favours a correct posture of the head, neck and back of the child. Also, it corrects the symptoms when they already suffer from this condition. 

There is a wide spectrum of cushions specifically designed for this purpose on the market, but you must be careful to choose the one that best suits your child. Looking at factors such as design, material, performance, compatibility and quality can help you make the right decision. 

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