Best Toddler Alarm Clocks: Buyer’s Guide (2020)

best toddler alarm clock

In a child’s bedroom, the alarm clock is a practical and fun accessory. Chosen with care, it adds a “decorative” touch and encourages the autonomy of young children by allowing them to wake up independently. What’s more, it makes the little ones want to learn to read the time like grown-ups! So we’ll give you a close look at the best toddler alarm clocks in 2020


Children who are learning to read the time often want to have their own alarm clock, perfectly adapted to their age, tastes, and daily life. Some models are also able to help children fall asleep with the help of light projections and lullabies.


This type of alarm clock offers a display similar to a conventional watch. The presence of the 3 hands and the dial offers the best educational alternative to teach your child to read the time. However, for some, the noise of the hands can be disturbing. It is therefore advisable to assess its noise level before buying.


This type of alarm clock is silent and simply displays the time. However, it is not a teaching aid for learning to read the time.


Whatever type of toddler alarm clock you wish to buy, you have the possibility to benefit from different options. Firstly, you can choose between a ringer, radio or lighting for your child’s alarm clock. Then you can choose to have a bright display or projections of patterns or the time on the ceiling and walls. Not forgetting the aesthetic aspect of this accessory. This selection criteria offers many possibilities with an almost infinite number of possible illustrations, cartoon characters, animals, abstract motifs, shapes, and many others.


1. littlehippo: night light dream trainer

This beautiful clock has three alarm sound options, five brightness settings, and five-volume settings. It uses a four-foot-long detachable USB cable with 100-240V input.

It is a sleep trainer, a sleep sound machine, an alarm clock, a timer, and a night lamp. In addition, its colors and facial expressions show little ones when it is time to sleep and wake up, so your child can accumulate more hours of sleep.

This is an adorable bird-shaped alarm clock that has a night light with seven color options and nine sounds so you can choose a combination that suits your child. It is a versatile model that works through a DC power adapter or with four AA batteries.

You can adjust the brightness of the lights in five levels and program lullabies to help children sleep. You also have the option of setting the countdown alarm, which is ideal for regulating your activities during the day.

3. Icode: Alarm Clock With Led Display

ICODE is an alarm clock that has a 3.2-inch LED screen where the time, two alarms, date and battery level are displayed. It has white light to read or night light so they feel safe in the dark. It works by means of a built-in 3600 mAh battery that is charged through a USB cable.

Use facial expressions and colors so that the child learns the notion of time and knows when they have to get up. It also presents four different emotions, along with sounds inspired by nature to start the day full of energy.

4. tekhome: alarm clock with remote control

This silicone watch has two alarms: one for bedtime and one for waking up, with eleven nature sounds. It has a dual power supply with a built-in rechargeable 1200 mAH battery.

Tekhome also comes with the option to record the voice of mom or dad warning that it is time to get up. It can also be configured so that the lights remain in a single color or change through the remote or touch control, without interrupting the child’s rest.

5. hoomily: watch with sunrise simulation

This alarm clock with FM radio is designed to simulate sunrise and sunset so that the light will start at 1% brightness and will increase to 100% in accordance with the time of night or day. It has three charging modes using a USB charger, a wall socket or three AAA batteries.

It provides a beautiful waking atmosphere thanks to the soft sounds of nature, from which you can choose up to six options. As well as seven warm light modes to use as a bedside lamp or adapt it to the environment.

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