Gender Reveal Party: What You Need to Know

Gender Reveal Party

Is it a girl or a boy? This is certainly the question to which we are all eagerly awaiting an answer. Choose the first name, prepare the wardrobe, announce it to your loved one -these beautiful things are waiting for the small ultrasound. You probably know about the baby shower? This celebration is organized for the mother-to-be and the baby, so what about the gender reveal party!? What the hell is this all about? Are you going to succumb to making this celebration that is increasingly appealing to future parents?

What is the Gender Reveal Party?

The main difference with a Baby Shower is that during this party you do not know the sex of your baby. This revelation is one of the most beautiful moments of pregnancy, so it should be celebrated.

And yes, you reserve the surprise for this event that you will share with your companion and your family, but also your friends. It is an ideal celebration that will evoke a lot of emotions and certainly tears along the way! You organize this party after your second ultrasound, it is usually at this time that you can know the sex of your baby, around the fourth month of pregnancy.

How to organize this pretty party for the baby?

So first of all, the theme of the party should be mixed since you will not yet know the sex. You can plan a date after the second ultrasound, not too late either, otherwise, you will crack and want to know right away. When the time is ripe to find out the sex of your baby, you should first tell your gynecologist that you don’t want him to tell you this little secret. Simply ask him to put the ultrasound in an envelope and note the sex of the baby. 

Then it is up to you to organize the surprise as you wish, and the objective is to discover whether it is a girl or a boy at the same time as your family. You can use a professional or a trusted person for the disclosure. 

The trend: the Gender Cake Party 

Once you have your envelope (which you should not open despite the temptation), you can leave it to a pastry chef who will make a cake… yes, a cake but it will be special because it will have a color inside: either pink or blue. You have understood this when you cut the cake in front of all your loved ones, it is at that moment that you will all discover together the sex of the baby.

You can also give this surprise to a friend or family member who can inflate balloons of color (with helium it’s more fun) and put them in a closed box. When the future parents open the box, the colored balloons will fly away. You can also put objects inside with clues. Ask someone close to you to buy pink or blue confetti guns. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy this moment with everyone you love.

Did you know about the Gender Reveal Party? Could you fall for the trend?
We await your answers in the comments.

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