Pregnancy and postpartum: How to Choose the Best Postpartum Underwear?

How to Choose the Best Postpartum Underwear

What’s the best postpartum underwear? One of the most frequent problems of pregnant women is the choice of clothes that must be adapted to the rapid transformation that the body undergoes during the nine months that the pregnancy lasts. 

Pregnancy is a time of change, where it is essential to feel comfortable. That is why the choice of underwear plays a fundamental role for this purpose. What should we pay attention to when looking for the best postpartum underwear? 

Pregnancy underwear

The main requirement for the recommended clothing for pregnant women is that they are comfortable. In any case, it is ideal to choose clothes with more gentle materials, such as cotton and natural fabrics. Avoid synthetic fabrics, since some patients develop contact dermatitis that was not present before pregnancy, and that decreases in frequency if the clothing materials are less artificial. 

Another reason to choose cotton underwear and avoid synthetic materials is due to the greater predisposition to the spread of bacterial vaginosis and other infections by other types of microorganisms, and cotton protects more than synthetic fibers against this. 

Regarding comfort, the most suitable underwear for a pregnant woman is one that adapts to her shape but does not squeeze or cause friction. 

In this line, we recommend the use of girdle pants, especially in the last stage of pregnancy, as they support the belly and relieve back pain. 

best postpartum underwear for pregnant women

Although we take care of our outer looks, we also have to take care of our underwear, that’s why we have to choose the right underwear during your pregnancy.  Some women choose to wear normal underwear, but nowadays there are many brands that offer special underwear for pregnant women. You must choose lingerie with comfortable and easy to wear fabrics. In your underwear drawer, you should have basic bras and panties and a few fancy outfits. In TrenBaby we give you ideas of the best postpartum underwear. 

  • Panties

There are many models of panties to choose from. Printed or plain colors and the star fabric is cotton. Choose to have panties with basic colors and above all that they fit perfectly to your body. 

  • Bras

When choosing a bra, the most important thing is that you feel very comfortable with the one you choose. The breast grows and you will need larger size bras. Some women choose to buy breastfeeding bras to wear after delivery and to breastfeed their babies. Underwired bras are also a good option for use during pregnancy. But above all, you should choose a bra that is the right size for you at the time and that is comfortable for you. 

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