How to Choose the Maternity Hospital Where You Will Give Birth?

How to Choose the Maternity Hospital

When a young woman is pregnant, she must make a quick choice as soon as she announces her pregnancy: to enroll in a maternity hospital. To do this correctly, it is necessary that the building, its team, and equipment meet several important criteria. First of all, don’t say anything like ‘Well, we’ll see where to register at the last minute. In large cities, hospitals and clinics are saturated. It is therefore extremely important to register as soon as possible to the facility where you want your child to be born. 

The difference between the hospital and the private clinic

You can choose one of the two types of establishments, but you must first know the differences. In hospitals, the benefits are mainly related to safety. Childbirth is assisted by a midwife and an obstetrician intervenes when there are complications such as cesarean section, episiotomy, etc.

The costs of childbirth are covered by social security. There may be some involvement from the doctor as well if needed. nIf surgical intervention is required, all means are implemented immediately. On the negative side, it is understaffed and the rooms are not very comfortable. They often have to be shared between two people.   

In private clinics, comfort is different. The staff is attentive, always available, and takes their time to explain and answer the mother’s questions. The rooms are almost all equipped so that the mother is alone.

If there are no complications, the expectant mother is followed by the same midwife and doctor. During the delivery, the doctor is present as well as the anesthetist and the midwife. If the child has a problem, he or she is often transferred to the hospital if the clinic does not have enough resources. 

Choosing your maternity hospital: what questions to ask yourself?  

If the pregnancy is going well, think about the criteria that are most important to you, asking yourself different questions: 

  • Is being near your home important to you? 
  • What are the different birth preparations available (haptonomy, nesting workshops, breastfeeding preparation, etc.)? 
  • What does the maternity hospital offer in terms of pain management during labor and delivery?
  • What does it offer in terms of information and support for breastfeeding? 
  • How long will you have with the baby in the birth or recovery room? 

It’s your birth and maybe you have other questions but none should be left out! 

Know that maternity hospitals are classified into three levels

Here are the different levels of maternity hospitals: 

  • Type I Maternity Hospital: takes care of so-called simple deliveries done by vaginal or cesarean section. 
  • Maternity hospital-level II:represents maternity hospitals that can manage high-risk deliveries such as multiple pregnancies or premature babies born after thirty-three weeks. These maternity hospitals are often equipped with a neonatal pediatric ward. Some of them also have an intensive care unit and can take premature babies born at 30 to 31 weeks. 
  • Maternity hospital-level III: They make it possible to receive so-called high-risk mothers such as those who develop diabetes or high blood pressure. These facilities can also provide care for premature babies born before 33 weeks and have a neonatal intensive care unit. 

Choose the maternity hospital according to the medical team  

Some mothers prefer to choose to give birth in a place (whether a hospital or private clinic) where there is a complete medical team present, including the obstetrician-gynecologist, pediatrician, midwife, intensive care anesthetist, and nurse or caregiver.

This team is in principle available 24 hours a day but it also depends on the number of births to be carried out at the desired time. It is good to know that if there are more than 1500 deliveries per year, the facility must have a permanent presence of an obstetrician-gynecologist, an anesthetist and a pediatrician on operational call.

And you, what are the criteria that have been important for you in choosing your maternity hospital?

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