How to Choose the Right Maternity Lingerie for Your Own Comfort

How to Choose the Right Maternity Lingerie

When you are pregnant, you go through different emotional stages, your hormones are boiling and so is your body. After years of being careful to have a good diet and a wasp waistwe will have to close our eyes to the next nine months. If your body hasn’t changed yet, it’s because you’ve just peed on the pregnancy test.

Just wait and see! A pregnant woman is beautiful, it radiates life and happiness… well, it depends on a person, because if you are one of the wonderful women who suffer daily pain, it is not easy to look your best every day. But if there is one thing you will have to favor during your pregnancy, both for your comfort and for the style, it is choosing the right maternity lingerie. Here are some tips to see more clearly the lingerie side. 

What exactly is meant by the “evolution of the body”?

Yes, we suspect that our body will change: a bouncy belly, swollen legs, sensitive breasts, Kim Kardashian style buttocks (except for those with model genes), etc. But how long before our body is so different? Well unfortunately it depends, there is no typical evolution in women.

Your body can change in a few weeks or months. Generally, from the beginning of pregnancy to the eighth month, your breast size will increase one to two extra cups, and one headband size. It is only at the end that your ribs will move apart to prepare for the baby’s passage. 

When do we change lingerie?

As soon as you feel cramped, tight, crushed - in short, when you feel that your lingerie no longer suits your new shapes. Some women may keep their usual underwear on for a while, but others will soon feel compressed.

So as much as privileging comfort and investing for the coming months, it is still essential to feel good in your body when it is getting bigger, right? Especially since you are going to be more and more sensitive, so you will need good support (and I’m not talking about the people looking at you). I forbid you to invest in bad maternity lingerie, not at all sexy! You will need a beautiful piece to feel feminine. 

Which materials should be used for maternity lingerie?

Quality will be essential because you are not going to buy pregnancy underwear every month. Choose elastic materials that will adapt to your shapes over the months. Cotton is a good material, you can choose organic, but the ideal is still microfiber that adapts to any style.

Remember to choose models with several hooks on the back so you can loosen your bra when your rib cage moves apart. Personally, I am a fan of underwear without reinforcement for pregnant women, at least it doesn’t hurt, and it still provides very good support. 

Choosing your bra

You can see now where it blocks, already that it took you ten years before you knew your real bra size - everything will turn upside down in your heads with the transformation of your body. If you choose a model with underwire, the latter must perfectly encompass the chest - the chest must not be cut or compressed.

Similarly, when you try the bra, it should not make marks on you, otherwise, it means that the waist circumference is not good (and it will be worse at the end of your pregnancy). The back band will be positioned just under the shoulder blades, the straps on the shoulders and you will feel like you are wearing almost nothing! Now this is the perfect bra! 

What about the bottom? 

Some women keep the ones they usually have because they are lucky not to gain volume on their lower body, but you still have to avoid panties that cut off circulation in the buttocks: not very classy and not very comfortable. Seamless underwear is a good alternative, as well as boxers and shorties, they can be your best pregnancy allies. You are not required to wear support pants even if at the end of pregnancy they are often appreciated for their comfort and the fact that they protect the skin of the belly which is very sensitive. 

From now on you no longer have a choice, you will choose the right maternity lingerie for your pregnancy, but don’t forget: comfort can go hand in hand with femininity! 

What about you, did you enjoy your lingerie during your pregnancy?

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