Wonder How To Increase Fertility? Here Are 10 Tips That Will Help You.

How To Increase Fertility

When you want a child, you want it to come quickly. However, it is not uncommon to wait a year before getting pregnant and about 1 in 7 couples consult for fertility problems. So what can be done to increase fertility? This is an overview of the details that matter. 

Making love (but not too much) is good to increase fertility

“Couples are too inclined to want to “aim” for the right day!” says gynecologist Anne de Kervasdoué. It takes 48 to 72 hours for the semen to regain its “fertilizing” properties after sex, so there’s no need to have sex in the morning and evening! The right reflex: we have sex once every 3 days outside the ovulation phase, and every 2 days during the ovulation week (5 days before D-day, 2 days after). At this rate, we are sure to be in the “right period” at least once a month.

It doesn’t guarantee to get pregnant, but it maximizes your chances. As for the ideal position, there is still no evidence that the missionary increased the chances of sperm reaching the cervix more easily! But it can spice the things up with the couple… 

After the hugs - sleep well 

A Danish study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that men with sleep deficit had a 29% lower sperm concentration than those who slept longer. For women, sleep is believed to influence the regulation of ovulation. The right reflex: get enough sleep and establish certain regularity in the bedtime, like when to wake up. 

Take care of your plate

“Food is undoubtedly a major element – still too neglected – in the prevention of infertility,” 

says dietician Laëtitia Agullo. Nutrition is believed to be involved in ovulation and fertilization and to play a role in sperm quality. The right reflex: we prefer low GI carbohydrates, fibers (such as legumes) that help to better regulate blood glucose levels and omega 3, by eating seafood and small fatty fish. The idea is to fight hyperinsulinemia, which damages female fertility by increasing male hormone secretion. Another fundamental element is vitamin B9 (or folic acid).

It plays a role in the design stage. And not only for the lady! While it boosts hormones, vitamin B9 also increases the fertility level of sperm. So we review our menus to include spinach, watercress, lamb’s lettuce, wheat germ or brewer’s yeast. 

Testing homeopathy

To get pregnant, you need regular cycles and good ovulation. It’s not always easy after 15 or 20 years on the pill. The right reflex: make an appointment with the homeopath to make a personalized prescription. Gynecologist and homeopath Claire Bialkiewicz recommends, in particular, taking Folliculinum 7 or 9 CH to restore regularity and Folliculinum 4 or 5 CH (3 granules per day) to stimulate ovulation. 

Relax! Chill out!

In the presence of stress, our cortisol levels increase, resulting in hyperinsulinemia, which is harmful if we want to conceive a baby. Nervous tension also affects the balance of sex hormones and can affect libido. The right reflex: you find solutions that you can pursue during your pregnancy to relax (such as yoga, sports, breathing exercises, sophrology…). 

To quit smoking is advisable to increase fertility

Tobacco is one of the scourges of fertility. And this is true for both women and men. The right reflex: “It is the carbon monoxide from the combustion of tobacco that is toxic to fertility. “explains Dr. Philippe Presles, a tobacco expert. “Patches or electronic cigarettes, regardless of the method chosen, as long as you can reduce your consumption and then stop smoking. 

The testicles? In the cool!

To function properly, the testicles must be kept at 34°C. The skin around them is very thin and sensitive to temperature variations. The slightest increase hinders the quality and quantity of sperm produced and can be a source of infertility. The right reflex: Jeans that are too tight should be banned, as should keeping the computer on your lap for too long. 

Outdoor sports activities help increase fertility

One hour and a half of outdoor physical activity increase the sperm concentration by 42% for men who participated in a recent Harvard study. Exposure to the sun and the production of vitamin D produced could be responsible according to the researchers. The right reflex: plan an outdoor outing or an hour of running every weekend as a couple. 

Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity affects the production of testosterone, the hormone that controls sperm production and affects sperm mobility. Sperm concentration decreases by 10% in overweight men compared to normal-weight men. 

The right reflex: review your diet by making sure to enrich it with vitamin B9, which increases fertility. And before considering significant weight loss, you should talk to your doctor. 

The periconceptional examination

This is the major health check-up for women who want to have a child. The right reflex: inform your general practitioner or gynecologist of your desire to become pregnant. He carries out a general health check-up (weight, blood pressure, vaccination, medical treatments in progress, family history…) and prescribes, if necessary, additional tests or supplements (folates, iron…). The doctor also assists with withdrawal assistance (tobacco, alcohol). 

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