Why You Should Practice Prenatal Yoga During Pregnancy?

Why You Should Practice Prenatal Yoga During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your body goes on a roller coaster ride of hormonal upheaval and physical changes. Weight gain: you gain a minimum of 10 kilos, you can no longer see your feet, during the first trimester you suffer all the inconveniences you can imagine… In short, it’s not a joy. Fortunately, your ultimate goal is there: to have a baby! 

So when you read about yoga, you tell yourself that it won’t help you get over the bad times, and beware, you might be well and truly surprised! Prenatal yoga is ideal for pregnant women and I’m confident I’ll convince you! 

Is There A Profile Of Pregnant Women Who Can Practice Prenatal Yoga?

Anyone can practice this sport (yes, yes, we are talking about a sport) originating from India, and even more - pregnant women, whatever your date of delivery may be. Each exercise proposed in prenatal yoga is adapted for pregnant women according to their trimester of pregnancy. It is not recommended if you are prone to a high-risk pregnancy. But in any case, you know the drill:  always validate with the doctor and be followed! 

Above all, do not practice this sport at home with the help of a book or a DVD, you could do the postures badly and injure yourself, especially since there are exercises that are forbidden during pregnancy! 

What Yoga To Practice?

There are several kinds of yoga, from the softest to the most dynamic, but as you can imagine, dynamic yoga will be forbidden for you ladies! We are not going to ask you to work postures in a dirty room heated to 40 degrees while a little fetus is growing in your belly! 

Prenatal yoga will be ideal because the postures are worked according to your stage of pregnancy because with your third-trimester belly, you will not have the same agility. Everything will go smoothly and the benefits will be numerous. 

Why Does Yoga Help During Pregnancy?

First of all, because it is a relaxing and soothing method that prepares for childbirth. During the first trimester, it will bring you balance and help you fight the aches and pains of pregnancy: back pain, constipation, heartburn… You will work on your posture and learn to behave yourself, so you might as well say thank you to your back when you have a balloon in place of your belly and you walk bent over backward. Working on your breathing will allow you to relax but also to prepare for childbirth because good breathing will reduce the pain and the length of the contractions. 

Some postures will work the elasticity of your perineum and muscles. And as a little bonus, you will also work on your body tonicity, which is not to be refused at all, right? 

You will have understood it, yoga is an ideal solution for all pregnant women whose pregnancy is going normally. You will work on both your mind and your body, but also in preparation for childbirth. 

In short, it seems to be the ideal sport for you, it’s still more fun than going for a walk every day, isn’t it?

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