10 Pregnancy Pains That Will Illuminate Your Days

Pregnancy Pains That Will Illuminate Your Days

Being pregnant is like going on an expedition - you have to be prepared for everything! Fortunately, there are other mothers who have been through this, so you can count on their advice to survive the pregnancy. The euphoria when you discovered that you were pregnant, the impatience to meet your baby, all those moments of happiness can be tarnished by those little inconveniences of everyday life. 

So you might as well prepare not to get paranoid (because it’s still normal for your body to change) but also to be able to react with some tips. At MamaInTheMaking, we have been working on this subject to talk to you about ten pregnancy pains that you may be facing. 

Nausea in the first few months (the most common pregnancy pains)

Nausea is certainly the most common pregnancy pain among pregnant women, yet it does not affect everyone. But if you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll have to be cunning not to spend your mornings with your head in the toilet bowl. Above all, remember to hydrate yourself well and avoid fatty or spicy dishes that will enhance this feeling of nausea. And the little “tested and approved” advice: ginger infusions, radical! 

Teenager skin

Life is unfair, where some pregnant women will shine, others will wrap themselves in their scarves to hide. And yes, among those who will have the hormones causing “teenage skin” there may be you. 

Increased sebum production, inflammation of the skin: the total bummer! The best solution is to go to your gynecologist to talk about it. Apart from avoiding excess products: washing with warm water with a dermatological product and a moisturizing cream will already do the trick. 

Losing that hair by the handle

So this is a particular pain, with a cool kiss effect if I can put it that way. During your pregnancy your hair will be in the middle of a growth phase, it will most likely be beautiful and strong! But after the birth, everything will return to normal, this rebalancing will lead to significant hair loss. The solution: prevent this by taking an anti-fall cure before and after childbirth. 

Sensitive gums

It is likely that you will also develop hypersensitivity in the gums. The gums will be red, sensitive and you may even have bleeding. Here, I can only advise you to make an appointment with your dentist during your first trimester of pregnancy to have an examination to check everything but also to get some advice along the way. 


Among famous transit issues this must be a general nuisance. Combined with stress and dietary restrictions (farewell vegetables, fruit, and other natural fibers) it is not easy reliving this every day. So here are some tips to make your life and transit easier: drink a glass of fresh orange juice when you wake up and walk after meals. 

Dry eyes - one of the common pregnancy pains

With all these hormonal changes happening in your body, it is possible that among all the strange things of pregnancy you may have dry eyes. The composition of your tears will change during these nine intense months, so you will need to rest as much as possible, and if it really gets embarrassing consult an ophthalmologist who can prescribe artificial tears. a

The famous headaches

Oh, the famous headaches, the woman’s best ally in the face of her companion’s demands (if you know what I mean)! But this is not a rescue situation but pregnancy pains, and frankly, we could do without it! And since drugs are not prescribed, effective solutions must be found. My best remedy? Remain calm in the dark without noise, close your eyes and rest with a cold water glove on your forehead. 

Heavy and bloated legs

In summer, poor blood circulation combined with heat can quickly wreak havoc on your legs. And when you are pregnant, this phenomenon is even more pronounced. What would be the solution to fight? Walking, massages, cold water jets on your legs and good hydration. And if there is nothing to do, you can always consult a doctor, because it is possible that you have a deficiency in magnesium or vitamin B. Go! Quickly! Re-boost yourself! 

The tingling in the hands

Or also called carpal tunnel syndrome - these aches and pains can be surprisingly boring since it is a painful tingling in the hands and fingers that is due to the compression of a nerve. Here, I advise you to go to your doctor because there is an effective treatment to avoid it: a local infiltration of corticosteroids. 

Back pain (the most common pregnancy pains)

You are in your eighth month, soon the end, but in the meantime, you are walking backward because of the weight of this little being growing in your belly. Hello, back pain! Remember to preserve yourself as much as possible, especially by walking a little every day.

Why not go for a few laps at the pool (very beneficial for body and mind)? After all, the secret of success is in the posture. Stand up straight when walking or sitting (at least do your best) and bend your legs to bend down (perfect for your thighs and buttocks). 

Well, I admit that when you see the list it can be a little scary, but don’t forget that some women have a full-fledged pregnancy, it radiates happiness and beauty. 

And you, do you have any cures for these pregnancy pains? Tell us everything! 

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