Prenatal Massage: Recommended During Pregnancy

Prenatal Massage

You are wondering if during your pregnancy you can have a massage as before, well yes, it is possible and even recommended for relaxation. Massages are performed to relax tense muscles, relieve pain due to contractures and stimulate the blood flow. These massages are also for you to feel general well-being. This action on your body is called prenatal massage. 

The positions to be taken

From the beginning of your pregnancy, you will no longer be able to put yourself on your stomach because your chest will become very sensitive then your stomach will grow and you will no longer be able to have a massage on an ordinary table. After four months, it will not be advisable to lie on your back because the weight of your uterus is too heavy on the veins that return blood to your legs.

The prenatal massage will, therefore, be done on a special table designed for this purpose. It has recesses as well as several cushions that will adapt to the shape of your body. In case lying on your back is still too painful, it is better to put yourself aside and wedge yourself with several cushions. 

The benefits of prenatal massage

Prenatal massage acts on back pain and migraines in pregnant women. It also reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and allows you to relax as much as possible. You will be more comfortable in the uncomfortable positions you have to find yourself in. As your baby gets bigger and the center of gravity of your belly drops, you carry more and more weight using the back, neck, shoulder and abdominal muscles.

Your ligaments in your pelvic joints relax and with weight gain, back pain inevitably occurs. Prenatal massage is provided by specialized people who have received special training. They know the sensitive points in your home and can relieve them by massaging them in a special way. All you have to do is say where it hurts. During the massage, if you feel pain or tension, do not hesitate to report it and change position if necessary. 

Which person should I choose to perform the prenatal massage?  

Prenatal massage is provided by specialists. You should ask for their contact details at the delivery clinic, hospital or doctor who is following you. If you plan to have a prenatal massage, always ask the doctor who is following you for advice before you embark on the adventure.

Your spouse can also provide you with small back or leg massages. You should then lie on your side on your bed or couch and your partner can massage your spine from the bottom up and make small circular movements. For the legs, he must massage them from the bottom up. You will have a good time and then be relaxed. 


You can also practice self-massage. Simply take organic vegetable oil and gently rub it on your stomach for five minutes. You have the possibility to do it again during the day if you feel that this action brings you well-being. You can also use jojoba oil to relax your breasts while moisturizing them (and thus avoid stretch marks!). 

When should prenatal massage be avoided? 

If you have abrasions or small wounds as well as fractures or burns, it is strongly discouraged to have a massage. If you are also prone to allergies, blood clots, and other skin problems, prenatal massage is not a good solution. Also, avoid the hammam or sauna. Some professionals will even ask you for a medical certificate stating that you can receive a massage.

Prenatal massage is, therefore, a good therapy to relax and especially to relieve back pain, but it should not be used in all cases. Take care of yourself, yes, but never forget or lose sight of the fact that you are carrying a child. 

And what do you think of massages during pregnancy? Did they help you against the pains you had?

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