Vaginal and Skin Dryness During Early Pregnancy

Vaginal and Skin Dryness During Early Pregnancy

Many pregnant women suffer from vaginal dryness, which sometimes leads to painful sexual intercourse. In addition, there is a decrease in desire. Is that normal? How can this be remedied? How to treat dryness during early pregnancy? 

Vaginal dryness during early pregnancy

It is quite common to experience vaginal dryness during pregnancy. Indeed, vaginal mucous secretion is influenced by the decrease in estrogen levels necessary to maintain pregnancy. A water-based lubricant can be a good way to reduce the physical discomfort associated with sexual activity. 

Pain during sexual intercourse

During pregnancy, the acidity of the vaginal environment is also altered, which may increase your risk of contracting bacterial invasion. Stay tuned to your body to consult a health care professional if you experience burning sensations at the vulva during sex or urination, if you have itching in this area or if you notice that your discharge has changed color or smell. 

Finally, interest in sexual activity varies from one couple to another, as well as from one period to another during pregnancy. Indeed, all the changes brought by pregnancy to a woman’s body and her identity as a mother or lover modify sexual desire.

It is important to discuss this openly with your partner and to look together for ways, perhaps different, to regain the pleasure, whether physical or psychological. Let tenderness guide you in your sexual activities and allow yourself the time to adapt to all these changes. 

Skin dryness during early pregnancy 

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes: weight, a growing belly, a blooming chest, you can also see changes in your hair or skin that becomes dry due to hormones. While it is not serious, the tightness and itching it causes are much less pleasant. Some solutions to remedy the problem are: 


Moisturizing your skin starts from the inside. Yes, if you don’t want to suffer from skin dryness during early pregnancy, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day! 


First, try to moisturize your skin daily, even morning and evening to see if it improves. Vegetable oil will be preferable to cream but in any case, make sure you use organic cosmetics or products for pregnant women.

As for the face, avoid cleaning it with products that are too astringent. Cleansing milk without rinsing will be perfect in the evening: your skin will be gently cleansed. 

clothes that are soft on the skin

Synthetic is really not fantastic. With friction, polyesters or other fibers can dry out your skin. Therefore, choose natural materials such as cotton, bamboo or linen, especially in summer. 

a warm shower

For your toilet, prefer a warm temperature rather than too hot. Indeed, hot water tends to make the skin dry. 

dry property to get rid of skin dryness during early pregnancy

Yes, it is essential to dry your skin thoroughly after your shower, at the risk of it drying out. Wipe yourself with a soft towel by tapping, not rubbing, which would exacerbate the problem. 

Don’t worry, this skin problem is temporary. Once delivered, it will again become as soft as your baby’s skin! 

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