Water Delivery: a More Natural and Less Painful Method to Give Birth

Water Delivery a More Natural and Less Painful Method to Give Birth

Water delivery is seducing more and more women for its soothing and natural properties, while at the same time, very few establishments offer it. However, giving birth in water can seem far from natural (except for dolphins and other marine animals), I would even say that it can seem risky. Stop prejudices. 

What are the benefits of water delivery?

Water delivery may seem strange at first, but everything is thought for the well-being of the mother-to-be. As soon as the contractions begin, she is immersed in water heated to 37 degrees, which reduces the pain as the muscles relax with the heat. This method reduces the duration of childbirth but also the intensity of contractions since the cervix expands more quickly. 

Similarly, water delivery improves the elasticity of the perineum, which considerably reduces the need for an episiotomy. Giving birth faster, with less pain and being immersed in water at 37 degrees – it’s the dream, isn’t it? I think that for many of us, childbirth is not a part of the pleasure, instead, it is a moment that is often even very dreaded.

In some countries, it is even possible to give birth among dolphins! All this leaves me a little confused, but why not?! After all, it is a memorable experience in the middle of nature, what do you think? 

The natural dimension, let’s talk about it! We presume that water delivery, sometimes among dolphins, must have a connection with nature! And yes ladies, if you are in the organic, ecological and “antibiotics are not automatic” trend, know that with reduced pain you do not have to go through the epidural box!

You have freedom of movement with delivery in a crouched or half-sitting position, which seems more natural (and less frustrating) than being nailed to a bed with the four irons in the air. And the effects for the baby are just as interesting since it goes from an in-utero universe to a similar ex-utero: in the water! The transition of the newborn child into our world is gradual, without any traumatic shock to the newborn child. 

Are there any risks of giving birth in water?

Some specialists state in the press everywhere that there are risks: hygiene problems, infectious risks, baby could swallow water, if there are complications the reaction time can be slowed down by being in the water, etc. The list could be long, but all delivery methods present potential risks dear readers.

In addition, all measures are taken to avoid possible risks: continuous monitoring, preparation of a room nearby in case of complications, a catheter is installed before delivery if necessary and to avoid wasting time… Concerning the bacteriological risks so feared by specialists, the delivery tub is disinfected after each birth, as well as water samples, are regularly taken. 

Moreover, the conditions are strict enough to be able to opt for a water delivery, and yes, we will not throw you into the water without being sure that it does not represent any risk for you and your baby. This way of giving birth is therefore prohibited if you have had any pathological problems during your pregnancy if you are to give birth prematurely, or in the context of multiple pregnancies. If all goes well for you, you could be part of the small (but happy!) circle of mothers who have given birth in water! 

And what do you think about water delivery? Do you think this is an appropriate technique for giving birth to a child?

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